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My Bio

Father and two brothers were Iowa grads. Me, I did not get the grades, so settled for a small school in Missouri. Still, I was always an Iowa fan.

My Occupation

Retired commercial artist and signman.

My Hobbies

Over the last year, an old friend and I have been getting reacquainted while trying out a different restaurant every week or two. We have known each other since 1968 when I was hired by the printing company he had joined 6 months earlier. We both retired from that company. We became very good friends over those years, but drifted apart due to circumstances of life in later years.

His wife became sick in the 90's with spinal cancer and passed after five years of suffering. He had to spend all his time with his kids and caring for his wife, so our families sort of drifted apart. Then my wife got cancer in 2012 and passed away 16 months later. We still talked on the phone now and then, but had developed different life styles and friends even though we lived only one block away from each other.

About a year ago, he called and we agreed to do lunch at a restaurant. Since then, we have been having a great time picking different places to eat each time. They have to have good wine or great brews. Of course, the food has to be great also. I did not know there were this many great restaurants in Omaha. I don't know how many it will take before we will have to circle back and redo some of them.

That is my life and I'm sticking to it.

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